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12 Red Flags in a Relationship with a Girl

by Abbey Light
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Red flags in a relationship that every man should know and dangers that you will often find in your partner that will be harmful you. In this blog post we are going to talk about the most common signs a woman will portray anytime that will be a turn off to you as a man which you should be aware of.

Red flags in a relationship with a girl;

1. Bad character

As a man you should be observant of who you keep and the kind of women that comes around you. Characters matters a lot in a relationship.

If you have a good-looking girl but with a bad character (attitude) that shows that 70% of the time the woman is considered to be a high-value woman and more dominant than you.

You should have a woman that will value and respect you as a man in terms of relationships and all.

2. Many male friends

A lot of men don’t consider this sign as a red flag, but I will tell you this that having a lot of male friends is found to be a red flag.

Imagine you are not available at the moment she now goes to her male friend who eventually finds her attractive and wants her on bed and some reasons comes up and your woman finds herself in the hands of her male friend all because you weren’t available.

Bro a woman having a lot of male friends is a turn off and can cause big damage now or in the future because if your woman is attractive, her male friends sexual desire for her can trigger at any time.

3. Lies a lot

Lying is common these days but in the sense of relationships, lying is bad and unhealthy to a relationship. If she lies for common things that might not be considered important just think about what she can do if she does more than just the common thing and does something that can destroy the whole love life of your relationship like lying about knowing someone or having an affair. The little things matter and should be considered as a man in a woman.

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4. Obsessed with men’s looks

Having a woman that talks all the time about a man’s physical appearance is a reg flag. In a circumstance where you are not physically attractive to her and she is always obsessed about you having another physical look all together and apparently there is someone there she is physically attracted.

This is bad bro and you shouldn’t be in a position with a woman who is totally obsessed about a man’s physical appearance.

5. Male best friends

Having a male best friend is a red flag, this is because it can only be you or him (her best friend). You as a man should be her best friend and only you should be her everything.

A best friend is someone closest to a person that you can share, trust and value. Having a female best friend is alright and quite safe but having a male best friend is a turn off and if she cannot be your male best friend that mean you are not valid to be with her.

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6. Doesn’t tell you her whereabouts

Trust is what makes a relationship stronger and last longer. As a woman if she doesn’t let you in her space to know exactly what she is up to, it brings doubt about who she is.

You can’t trust her if she doesn’t trust you about where she goes or what she does with her life.

7. Talks about how good her ex sexual experience are

Commonly I find this disrespectful and not appropriate to talk about in a relationship. If this happens means that she misses her ex-boyfriend’s sexual touch and feelings, of course this shows that you can’t perform like he does.

In this case, you should definitely abstain from her because she is all into her ex’s love.

8. Obsessed celebrity fan

A girl’s obsession with a celebrity can show signs that the celebrity love she has as a fan cannot be compared to the love she claims for you.

If by chance she has the golden opportunity to see her celebrity lover and have a one-on-one chat with him, do you like she will still love you the way she has been so obsessed with him, No Way!

9. Goes out clubbing with friends

Going clubbing is OK to have nice time from work and relief from the outside world. But in this case, where your girl goes to club without you but her friends all the time is a red flag.

This is that she prefers time outside with her friends than with you, this can cause some insecurities with her.

10. Doesn’t let you in her space

If any woman should trust you, cares about you and let you in her space and also creates time to share anything with you no matter what she’s going through.

Another level of trust in a relationship letting your partner know all about you. But if she keeps you locked out means she doesn’t want you in her space and that’s a red flag in a woman.

11. High body count

Any lady with very high body count is not respected by a man and cannot be valued. Also, this is a red flag to be considered by any man that wants a high value woman and this matters a lot to some men.

12. Forgets her primary assignments

You are the primary responsibility. If you are in a situation where a woman does not care about you and cares about what happens most outside your life or her friends.

It shows that that you are not important considered in her life and that is definitely a big red flag in woman.

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