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14 Friendship Qualities: Recognise the Traits and Characteristics

by Abbey Light
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When being in a relationship with someone, it is essential to highlight healthy characteristics, but in this case, we are looking into friendships.

As we grow in life, we meet new people, make new friends, and build relationships. And we all know that living in a healthy relationship with someone can guarantee us a peaceful and prosperous life ahead.

Some people fail to understand the red flags that come with friendships, and that is why they end up feeling hurt emotionally and physically.

A good friend is someone who is caring, loving, understanding, and supportive of you. These friends show positive traits in your friendships and develop signs of growth.

Most toxic friendship comes from people who are manipulative and ignorant of your well-being.


Most friendships fail because of a lack of understanding, security, and support. These signs are similar to having a failed relationship with your partner.

Some friendships last forever, and some last only for a moment. That is why it is most important to be compatible before embarking on a journey together.

friendship quotes to help yourself

There are several qualities that make good friendships, and some of them last forever. If you are trying to know the qualities that friendships possess, and you are about to go into one. Here are the qualities that make good friends;

Friends who support your well-being are basically everything that makes your friendship better. Supportive friends make your friendship meaningful and as well contribute to your happiness.

They are also kind in heart, trustworthy, and develop a sense of rumor in understanding your perspectives. So, if you’re trying to build a friendship bond with someone, consider looking into supportive traits.

A good friend is always concerned about how you feel and what you can do to make yourself feel better around them. They care about your mental and physical health and make sure you’re in great shape.

They also want to share your burden and be a part of your life struggles, showing a sense of love and care for your friendships.

Finding a friend who cares about your physical and mental health is a healthy way to life and a promising adventure ahead.


The best sign of a good friend is their ability to listen to you. Most people go through good and bad times in life. We usually talk to someone who shares similar interests and pour out our feelings, and that’s where friendships come in.

Significant friendship qualities are ‘they are good listeners,’ which passes the vibe check. Looking for a friend who listens is a great way to live a healthy life.

Friendships are sharing common interests, feelings, and support for one another. A friend who puts you as equal to himself is a friend who is considerate in your friendships. They will most likely care about everything you say and never belittle you.

A considerate friend always puts you first and never lets you feel bad at any moment in your life. So, looking for a friend who is considerate about how you feel and cares about you in general is important.

Having a great friendship bond means having a friend you can trust and be comfortable with. You must prioritize your happiness because that is your safe space—I mean your mental health.

An excellent quality in friendships is being with a friend with whom you feel comfortable talking about your feelings and also feel protected.

It is important to be happy when you’re around your friends and not show any signs of doubt or insecurities.

A friend who turns up when you’re in trouble or when you feel emotionally drained is usually an excellent quality of friendship. They are practically your family because of the responsibility they give to themselves in the friendship.

They make you feel welcome, safe, and significant in the friendship. That is why you must always ensure you’re with a friend who can try their best to be there for you when you need them the most.

When a friend is genuinely happy for your success despite the odds, it is usually a good friendship quality. This trait portrays trustworthy behavior that makes them remarkable in your life, which means they will stay loyal to you when things don’t go well for them. i

Some friends are not always happy when you win; they don’t take it fairly to themselves. They could also go ahead and betray you or taint your identity.


One of the major qualities of friendship is keeping each other’s secrets safe. Having a trusted friend is a great way to establish a long-lasting friendship.

When you share your secrets with someone, it definitely means you trust them, and these are friends you can rely on. It is good to look into this quality and make sure you find a friend who you can trust with your secrets.

Friends who are trustworthy display many characteristics, and most importantly, they prove themselves worthy of being your friend. They show signs of integrity, commitment to their words, reliability, and respect for your individuality.

They are also the type of friends that will keep your secrets safe and respect your boundaries. They will do whatever it is to maintain your trust in them and show themselves accountable.


Friends who respect your boundaries are crucial in friendships and exhibit great value. When they respect your boundaries, they respect you as a whole, as well as your personal space, decisions, and feelings.

Being with a friend who respects your boundaries means a lot to your friendship; it gives you freedom and emotional security as you engage with them.


This is not like invading their boundaries but sharing their space with them, which shows a sign of trust. When they are able to let you have a pick of what is going on in their lives, e.g., work and family cycles, it means they trust you enough to share their issues with and not keep you in the dark.

Friends who love and value you will never disrespect you by talking bad about you behind closed doors. They will always defend you and keep you up to speed if something bad is said about you.

These types of friends who defend you are always reliable, grateful, and trustworthy friends in your lives. That is why they are a great quality to look for when you’re looking for a friend cycle.

Friends are usually your conversational partners; that is why we have them and share common interests with them. It is an excellent quality of friendship to have a friend who shares the same ideas and interests as you so you can align well together.

Most people will call it a gossip partner or gist partner, but whatever you call it, you must find a friend who shares your conversational interests.


Most friendships lack these qualities, and that is why they live with a toxic friend. It is good to have a friend who is genuinely great to you in good times and also genuinely loyal to you in bad times.

Trust is what makes the friendship beautiful and long-lasting. Finding a friend who will always stick with you no matter what happens in your life, whether it is the most beautiful day or your life or the worst day of your life, is a great quality of friendship and also a green flag.

14 friendship qualities to know

In conclusion, the qualities that define strong friendships serve as the bedrock for lasting and meaningful connections. A good friend embodies traits like support, kindness, trustworthiness, and consideration, which form the core of a solid friendship. It’s crucial to care about each other’s well-being, lend a listening ear, and foster a sense of security to deepen the bond.

True friendship is evident in being there for one another during tough times, celebrating each other’s successes genuinely, and keeping each other’s confidence. Respecting boundaries, being willing to share personal space, and refraining from gossip or negative talk behind closed doors are hallmarks of genuine friendship.

Engaging in meaningful conversations and sticking by each other through thick and thin further cement the fabric of friendship. In essence, cultivating and cherishing these qualities ensures a lasting, fulfilling, and supportive friendship that stands the test of time.

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