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11 Steps to be a Sigma Male (Traits and more)

by Abbey Light
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How to be a sigma male as a lone wolf and become attractive to women. Sigma males are unique type of men different from the alpha males and the beta males. They are strong men and devoted to their character (personality).

Sigma males are dominant, independent, knowledge seekers, disciplined, quiet and observant in nature. they do want they wants and don’t seek for social attention or approval unlike the alpha and beta males, that does a lot of team work. Many people try to know who are these sigma males and what they do that make them so unique and admired by everyone. Here I will show you how to become a sigma male.

Sigma males are different type of leaders and they are considered to be on the same level with the alpha males because of their similarities and their individual nature. But, the sigma males are quite the people that are felt more by people and wanted in their nature because of how they do things and what makes them qualified in a great leadership position.


They are not to be compared like the alpha males who are outspoken and contact people for validation and attention. Here I will show you how to become a sigma male.

1. Doesn’t Ask for Validation

There is a reason why sigma males are full of masculinity, this is because they don’t require approval from anyone or the society called the matrix. Sigma males work on their on rules and by their own books. Becoming a sigma male, you don’t need to be dependent on people’s opinions.

Sigma males have a lot of options when it comes to anything they do with their lives. They live with the idea of what they want and who they want. They are very careful in the decisions they make and that should bring be to my next way of becoming a sigma male.

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3. Quiet and Observant

In a room full of crowd and brilliant minds, the sigma males are found to be the quietest and the most observant ones in the room. They spend most of their time thinking and analyzing the situations around them.

They are slow and fast at the same time. Don’t get me wrong they are not introverts at all, they will stand up when a situation rises and they are always defensive, they are also calm and also fearful to people because of their status.


4. Self-Control

Sigma males are good at everything that has to do with their masculinity and that is self-control. They know when they are out of balance and when to adjust rightly, they know how to manipulate their minds together, they know how not to show their emotions to people. Self-control is an important feature in a sigma male.

5. Respectful

Sigma males are respected by everyone just like the alpha males. they are respectful to people just as respect is commanded to them. Check this blog: How to become Mysterious.

6. Ambitious

Sigma males are very hard-working and devoted to their career of work. They are admired by people for their silent wins and victories at anything.

Alpha males on the other hands are ambitious, they require a lot of teamwork to get the job done while the sigma males prefer working alone. Being ambitious tells a lot about sigma males.

7. Seeking Knowledge

Sigma males are knowledgeable and pro-active. They always want to learn more from people, they don’t speak much in the room instead they listen to others and even the dullest in the room. Sigma males always know when it’s time to speak and when its time to acquire knowledge of wisdom, that’s why they are always winning.


8. Alone Time

I have made some few points about sigma males and one important role about them and what they do is that they love to stay alone. They are not like the alpha male or beta that loves attention from the public or social appearances. Sigma males are known for staying away from outside world and always focusing on building themselves up. 

9. Self-Reliant and Independent

Sigma males are built on themselves, they trust and depend on their power to growth unlike the Alpha males who are usually in place of working with people and seeking public status and approval. Sigma males are classified as the power house of their success.

10. Always on Top

The hard truth about sigma males is that they are always on top and respected by people. If a sigma man should enter the room, you will first notice that all eyes are on him, well because of how he perceived himself that is by the looks and charisma. Being on top is the goal to become a sigma male, which requires you to appear and behave like one.

11. Careful Decisions

Sigma males are careful in making decisions, that is why they are usually alone most at times to acquire knowledge and wisdom. They are always on top of everything because of the decisions they make and the ability to be slow in thinking.

Final Thoughts

One important factor about sigma males is that they don’t seek attention instead attention comes to them for their status. Follow these tips on becoming a sigma male that I have given to you and you will never be a looked as a weak and pathetic but as a well-respected sigma male.

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