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10 Major Signs of a Manipulative Girlfriend in a Relationship

by Abbey Light
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Most Obvious signs that your girlfriend is controlling in a relationship. Girls use the manipulating tricks on men and control men how they want to. I find this trick very dark, and a lot of men are on these spells and don’t know about how it yet.

Some dark traits girls use to manipulate men in ways to satisfy their needs and in other hand, it makes men feel bad of themselves which will make them look like victims. I will share with you how you can know a manipulative girlfriend and how they control men.


A manipulative girlfriend is a woman who have mastered the act of controlling and taking advantage of a man in ways to get what they want in a relationship. This method works in mysterious ways and it is often not noticed my anyone but only the few or let me say a sigma males will know this traits

Signs of manipulative girlfriend.

1. Plays the victim

This is a common trick from a manipulative girl in a relationship and she uses this to make you feel you have done her bad. Meanwhile, it is a trick that is played to psychologically make you feel sorry and bad for her.

When a girl is wrong and has done something to often you; it might be cheating or lying, they crying with their emotions out to you to make you feel bad, that you have done her wrong.

2. Fake tears

Fake tears are the most powerful way a girl can use to manipulate you and I will tell you right now “fear this trick”. Tears is a way to feel someone and sympathize with someone but in a case where wrong is done they use it to control you.

You might not know how to handle a situation like this and how not to be psychologically controlled in your mind and body by her tears.

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3. Excessive compliments

Compliments are good and tricky in a way you will not know about it. Some men are controlled by “EXCESSIVE” compliments like; ‘sweetheart’, ‘the king of my body’, ‘the only man I love’.

Words like these have brought a lot of great men down to the kneels of a girl and they can do whatever it is she says.

4. Sexually arousing

Another powerful way a man is being controlled, is by sexually alerting and arousing him. Manipulative girls use this trick to get what they want from you by psychologically playing with your sexual feelings and bringing you to her submission.

A Manipulative girl knows that is what you want and use their body as a weapon to get you in other for you to do whatever she wants. Wake up man, you need to be aware when a situation like this happens.

5. Overly nice

I know you might not be getting point yet, a girl being “too” nice from the usual days, that is suspicious and I have seen that work out successfully for girls.

Usually, when a girl needs something from you, they try to play very nice by accepting everything you say, doing everything out of the ordinary just to please you, but you don’t know that is a way to make sure you are under her control when she needs something from you.


6. “Show You Love Me” trick

This is considered to be the most powerful manipulative trick in the galaxy, “Show you love me” or “Show how much you love me”. When a girl knows how much they can take from you they try to belittled and make you feel you need her, then they use their magic words “if you love me as you claim, show me now”, this trick will now make you do whatever it is she wants and put you in vulnerable state. This is not love when it is not mutual, this is manipulating.

7. Enjoys making you jealous

When a girl loves you, she will always stand by you anytime. But, if she enjoys making you feel jealous with another man, she is playing with your emotions and that will affect your mental health.

You need to wake up from these types of girls, they will destroy your masculinity and make you weak, far from a man.

8. Use your words against you

This might be something you have said to her in a the past, they will use those words you have told them and also twist those words in her favor to manipulate you to do whatever it is they want you to do.

In a relationship, we keep some certain secrets within us and might also promise not to share with other people or to be forgotten forever. But, a manipulator always have a trick on their sleeves and whenever their want to challenge you or justify themselves they tried to bring up some secret vows to use to their advantage.

9. Using your insecurities

This trick is not known most times when a manipulator uses it. Everyone has insecurities and we best tell our secrets to who we love and trust.

A manipulative girl tries to use your deepest flaws you have told them as a way to manipulate you and get away with it.

10. Gives you attention only when you’re needed

A manipulator knows how to handle this type of situation and knows how to make a man beg for their attention. A manipulative girl can deceive and make you fall deeply in love with her, she will come for you only when you’re needed.

Other day, she will also bring up excuses to make you understand why she haven’t been there for you and still leaves you in her best interest.


Manipulation this a deep method that some women use to get what they want and make you feel less about yourself. It is important to understand the dark and manipulating traits in a girl and how they are able to control their boyfriends in this type of scenario. Hope you read this blog till the end, until next time.

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1 comment


Brian December 4, 2023 - 2:41 pm

I love this article. I have been manipulated but i haven’t had the chance to look into my relationship.

I just hope to have a woman to stand by me not use me. Thanks again.


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