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11 Red Flags to Look Out for on the First Date

by Abbey Light
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When having your first date with someone, it might seem exciting at first sight but it is important to observe the red flags that will seem inappropriate to you.

We are likely taking risks meeting new people because we don’t know them, and we want to get to know them personally. There will be some challenging signs that might not fit your preference for someone.

Also note that there is no perfect person, no dream man until you meet and understand yourselves.

When going on the first date, people tend to show a lot of behaviors that might seem negative and also might seem like the kind of person you want. Now, in this article, we will uncover the red flags that indicate on the first date with someone.


You must meet your first date so you can come out of your shells, get to know them better, and learn their personalities. Meeting on social media isn’t enough these days because of many fake profiles on Tinder and fake lifestyles from a person.

Going on your first with someone will bring out the likes and dislikes of a person in ways that match your preference.

red flags on the first date

It is a red flag when your date constantly texts and attends to messages on their phones and doesn’t give you their full attention. This also shows disrespect to you, because he doesn’t value and appreciate your presence around him.

If they truly want to spend time with you on the first date, they will remove all distractions like their phones and focus all their attention on the little details about you.

It is disrespectful when someone doesn’t notice the little details like your name. If someone asks you five times for your name without the issue of spelling, then you should take that as a red flag.

Your name represents you and carries a lot of prestige and value. The moment they start acting up about your name, you should consider that they may not be taking you as seriously as you think, and that should be enough reason for you to step back.

That should be a quick red flag when you begin to see that your date is all about just having you in their bed and not interested in anything about you. It is better to understand one another before getting too touchy. When you are rushing to get in bed with your date without properly addressing and understanding each other body language, I would call that inappropriate behavior.


This red flag might not be bad in some cases, but when you are not asked about your ex, and they keep relating that on every topic or scenario, that is a red flag on a first date.

In most situations, when going on your first date, you shouldn’t talk about your ex until your date probably asks you.

Remember that you are trying to create a new bond and relationship with your date; leaving your past relationship out of this can be more beneficial for the date.

When your date keeps showing off, a lot of times, to create admiration and attention from other people can annoy you. When they don’t give you attention and prove their worth to you, it might be said that they are clout chasers and might not be a good fit for your life.


People who are all pompous and full of themselves on the first date can make you feel disrespected, unappreciated, humiliated, and less of yourself. It is important to avoid these types of people because they are full of negative and unhealthy living. You should look for a person who is humble, respectful, and open-minded to you when you’re on a date with them.

There are several red flags your date can make you feel uncomfortable and irritated; these are some common red flags that might make you feel uncomfortable on a date with them:

  • Disrespecting your boundaries.
  • Making you feel insecure.
  • Hiding secrets from you.
  • Making you feel less about yourself.
  • Ignoring you.

Understanding the basics of communication and connection in your date is important. Your date should be respectful to people around you; for example, when your date is rude to the waiter, the doorman, or the customers around you, you should immediately tick that as a red flag.

A date should show all respect to people around you and show that he can be respectful to you even in uncomfortable times.


When you’re on a date with someone who is always focused and giving their attention to others, it can be frustrating and hurtful. You may feel like you are not important, you may feel like you are not valuable, may also begin to question yourself and feel regrets. I would prefer you immediately avoid them because they can ruin your feelings.

When you are on a date, and you ask them questions, they hide secrets because they don’t want to get exposed; they prefer to get more information from you. This might be very uncomfortable for you to be around this date type.

Perhaps they might be nervous and lack low self-esteem.

To deal with this type of person, I would prefer you communicate your feelings and expectations with them, and if that doesn’t work, you should withhold talking about yourself with them.


Trusting your instincts whenever you go on your first date with people will help you avoid wasting your time and energy on someone who might not be for you. It also helps you know people who may have ulterior motives.

Your instincts don’t just come and fill themselves; they are based on your subconscious observation of people and have triggered a negative feeling towards them. It is best not to ignore this red flag and trust your instincts on your date with people.

Final thoughts

First dates can be exciting and unpredictable. While it is important to keep an open mind and give people a chance, watching out for some red flags that might seem obvious on your date is also important. They can reveal your date’s personality, intentions, and value towards you.

My final thoughts on red flags on your first date are to trust your instincts towards people and never ignore the common red flags that might seem inappropriate.


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