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How to be an Attractive Guy and Better Looking: 16 Traits and Guide

by Abbey Light
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Becoming an attractive guy isn’t all about having so much money in your account or having a fine face. Yes! Those count, but when it comes naturally to call someone’s attention, there is more to having a pretty face and lots of money.

When it comes to attracting women, having a good personality is more important than looks. While physical appearance can be an advantage, personality and character ultimately matter most.

Women love to be around a self-developed man who understands his purpose in life. Women don’t like a man who is weak and needy for approval and attention. Men need to understand the value they carry and present it without telling them who you are; instead, let them perceive you the moment you come into the room.


how to be an attractive guy

Being an attractive guy comes with different traits: being charismatic, dressing to impress, shaving your beard, building your body, setting boundaries, and much more.

Here, we will talk about the more efficient traits of becoming an attractive guy;

16 ways to become a more attractive guy

Swaying your shoulders as a guy when you walk makes you look attractive; it calls for attention to anyone who sees you.

Swaying your shoulders as you walk has numerous benefits. It not only helps improve your posture but also makes you appear more confident and dominant, especially as a man. Women tend to see men who sway their shoulders as stylish and having swag.

As a man who is trying to become attractive to people, leadership is one of the main principles of becoming attractive. Every leader you see today has a sense of attractiveness in them, and people tend to follow and listen to them more than someone with low class and principles in their life.

Developing leadership skills can demonstrate a sense of responsibility in your life, which in turn can make you a more reliable partner for a woman. While a woman may not explicitly express her desire for this trait, having strong leadership qualities can make you more attractive to her.


how to look like an attractive guy

As a man, grooming your beard is a great way to show your attractive traits to a woman. People might tell you that having beards doesn’t mean anything. Well, the truth is that it depends on how they perceive you.

Genuinely, men who groom their beards are better looking than men without. Besides, it’s my take on it. Also, 90% of the women I have met today love men with beards; they said they are good-looking and love to play with the beards.


Smelling nice is another way to look attractive as a guy and has its unique, attractive sense on you. That is why you choose the kind of deodorant you use on your body because different smells have different tastes and characters.

Smelling nice can attract any woman without them looking at you and verifying you. Your scent can define you in an instant, using nice attractive deodorant can attract anyone.

As a man, being gentle shows an attractive personality in you; it makes people qualify you as an individual with prestige and value.

There are different ways people can see you as being gentle: by your volunteering action, by appreciating, by helping people.

There is no doubt that women love gentle and kind men; that alone can show that you’re an attractive man who loves caring for himself and the little things around him.


It’s important to demonstrate that you respect your boundaries and don’t allow others to take advantage of you. This behavior shows that you’re an attractive person with high standards. Setting boundaries is a key aspect of being charismatic and responsible, even if others don’t always tell you that. Remember, setting boundaries is a positive and empowering action that can help you in both your personal and professional relationships.

Important guys are usually the ones that are more attractive to people, and many people love to follow them.

Guys who hold positions of power in a room are often respected and valued, making them more attractive to others.


Having a good body as a guy makes you appear attractive to people. Maintaining your body by hitting the gym can make you look attractive.

96% of the world’s women today are mostly attracted to men with good physiques. Hit the gym, start your workout sessions, build the muscles, and see the result of how attractive you can become.

how to look like an attractive guy

Sunglasses can make you appear attractive as a guy; you create a sense of mystery to people and build your facial form to appear good. Choosing the right sunglasses is one way to make yourself appear confident and sharp in people’s eyes.

Go to the store, get sunglasses, test them on, and see how attractive people will see you.


Walking slowly is a good way to look attractive as a guy. When you walk slowly, you tend to attract people’s attention and create awareness of who you are, and people start to pick interest in you.

Walking quickly doesn’t allow others to understand your personality, causing them to miss out on your attractive traits.

When you walk slowly and observant of yourself, people will notice the attractive guy you are.

Nodding your head as a man can help improve your attractive traits to people. Nodding your head shows that you are confident in your ways and that you’re a friendly and approachable person.

Nodding your head at people can show your great personality and give them the signal that you’re a gentle, kind, and interesting person. In other words, nodding your head at people is a way to become an attractive guy.

The way you dress as a man can make you more attractive as a man. Dressing in suits can make people perceive you as confident and look more like a gentleman.

Dressing in corporate suits can make you look likable and admired by other people. Not everyone may find you attractive, but dressing well and grooming can increase admiration.


Body posture as a man is essential because it shows attractive traits of masculinity and confidence in you.

There are ways to maintain a good body posture and appear attractive to people; here is how;

  • Sitting upright
  • Walk with your chest out and head up
  • Sit with your hands crossed and lean on the chair

To maintain good posture, consistent practice, and exercise are necessary to appear physically strong and confident.

When you show that you walk with a purpose, it creates an impression that you are up to something, and people will respect and value your interest as a man.

Walking with a purpose shows masculinity, power, and confidence in you. It shows that you have a vision and goal to pursue, which can make people interested in you and show that you are an attractive man.

There is an attractive trait of showing humility, which people find very attractive. Being humble lets people know that you are respectful, kind, honest, and self-conscious.

Girls find men who are humble as attractive men and choose to respect them, to men who are full of themselves and show no sign of humility. Being humble can increase your attractiveness as a man.

Eating healthy food can make you an attractive guy in the sense that you take care of yourself and know what to eat, which puts you and your skin in excellent shape.

Eating healthy can improve your body physique and maintain your skin color. It is more appealing as a man when you know the right food to eat and take action to maintain your health because women find it attractive knowing that you take care of your health.


To sum it up, being an attractive guy goes beyond just having money or a good-looking face. When it comes to attracting women, having a strong personality is more important than physical appearance. The key is to be self-developed, understand your purpose in life, and present your value without bragging.

The article recommends several qualities to boost your attractiveness. These include swaying your shoulders, displaying leadership, grooming your beard, maintaining a pleasant scent, being gentle, establishing boundaries, projecting a dominant look, working on your physique, wearing sunglasses, walking slowly and attentively, nodding your head, dressing in suits, maintaining good posture, walking with a purpose, showcasing humility, and adopting a healthy diet.

These traits make you physically attractive and contribute to a positive and appealing personality. Ultimately, becoming an attractive guy involves a combination of physical, behavioral, and personal development aspects.

Understanding your traits of becoming attractive and showing them off can make you more attractive to people.

Attractive men don’t need to seek validation from women. Instead, follow these tips to become attractive and let women come to you.

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