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19 Sigma Female Traits & Characteristics You Must Know

by Abbey Light
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A Sigma female or woman is the archetype of women who possess unique personalities and influence people. The Sigma females possess almost the same traits as the Alphas, which display leadership and dominance.

Sigma females are also part of the other archetypes: Alpha and Beta Females.

Becoming a Sigma female involves developing certain skills and discipline. Some Sigma females are born with these traits, and you’ll see their personalities.

Sigma females, also known as ‘lone wolves,’ are dominant, independent, charismatic, mysterious, and Influential women. They are also born leaders, which means they have the power to “influence people.”

The Sigma and Alpha females are much alike; the Sigmas are introverts, while the Alphas are extroverts.

The Sigma females are most liked and talked about in society because they have the element of surprise; they shock the world with their breaking new ideas and success, which makes them deeply admired.


Alpha females are extroverts in person. They are leaders, confident, and ambitious women. They are the leading archetype in the social hierarchy.

They possess almost the same personality as the Sigma females, which makes them stand out from the rest of the social hierarchy. Some people call the Alpha females “celebrities” that’s because they seek the spot light and make themselves available to impress people with their awesome personalities.


The sigma female and the sigma male both possess the same traits and characteristics; the only major difference between the sigma female and sigma male is the “gender.”

With that said, anyone can develop the personality of a Sigma regardless of your gender.


Regarding social hierarchy, the Alpha female is the leading archetype next to the Beta female. Meanwhile, the Sigma females are not part of the hierarchy but are said to be the next best thing close to the Alphas because they possess the same traits and characteristics.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

To become a Sigma female, there are certain traits you should know; also, if you want to know a Sigma female and what they do, here are the common personalities they possess;

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female is called the “lone wolves” for a reason; that’s because she likes to be left alone. They believe that being alone is the best way to find peace, fix your mental health, and stay focused.

Their introverted nature makes them uniquely different from the Alpha females. Being an Introvert gives speculations to people that you’re not easily predictable.


traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Most of the time, a Sigma female loves to obtain a quiet nature and observe their environment. They love to be self-aware and self-conscious, especially when they make a certain decision.

Sigma females love to be quiet, which also means they love quiet places. They are not easily manipulated because they are very observant of people.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females are known to be intelligent and pronounced. Men often admire a woman with a high IQ level who knows how to solve problems; she is also creative with her ideas and optimistic to learn every time. 70% of Men find a woman with a high intelligence quotient trait as an attractive woman, and they are willing to be in a relationship with them


traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female or Sigma woman doesn’t like to depend on other people for resources. They enjoy taking risks and exploring new things while also valuing productivity and efficiency.

They don’t appreciate the idea of working for someone or relying on them for support. They are self-reliant; they believe in becoming boss ladies, which commands respect for their name.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A sigma female loves to learn new things, which means they love to develop their skills and knowledge. They believe in self-improvement and self-growth. The Sigma females also know that the more you know, the better you get.

For a Sigma female, self-development is their #1 priority; that is why they are successful and top influential leaders.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female carries a leadership quality in them. Confident and self-reliant women are believed to possess charisma, authenticity, and strong communication skills.

Being a leader means that you are influential and you carry the qualities that people love in you, which is the role of a Sigma female.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A dominant woman is an influential woman, which is the trait of a Sigma female. They are usually attractive to people because they have charismatic and assertive personalities.

A Dominant woman knows how to go about their lives, which means they are protective, respect their boundaries, and are leaders to people.


traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females are successful in nature which means they are winners; they prefer to be on top of their field and be respected by people.

A Sigma female has a strong sense of self-esteem, which inspires and motivates people because they are known to be high-value women. They don’t tolerate people that will tear down their standards.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females develop the traits of being trustworthy and loyal to people, including in their relationships. They show respect, support, and honesty to the people around them because they value and pay attention to people.

When it comes down to relationships, a loyal and trustworthy woman makes a man feel confident in them, which can bring about happy endings.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females are usually driven to success, which means they find every opportunity and try to achieve that goal. Sigma females have a clear vision for what they want; they are not indecisive like the Beta males; instead, they make firm decisions and have confidence in themselves to make it happen.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigmas are full of mysteries; they are known to bring curiosity to people. Being mysterious makes people speculate about you, what you have been up to, and your next move. It gets better for Sigmas because when people discover their success, they will be curious to know how you did.

Being mysterious as a Sigma female positively affects relationships because it makes your partner feel intrigued by your actions and avoids boredom.


traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female or Sigma woman develops the traits of self-confidence, which is found to be very attractive to people. Being self-confident means you appreciate yourself and believe in your abilities and goals.

Being self-confident is a trait also found in the Alpha females but not in the Beta females. This quality makes a woman to be perceived as an intelligent and charming woman.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female knows her worth and doesn’t settle for less than she deserves. They are known to have a high-value personality and valued by many people.

She sets boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed and does not let people treat her poorly. A Sigma woman possesses an independent trait. She knows what she wants and is determined to achieve it.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females are very particular about what comes into their lives; they prefer not to be taken for granted and toiled with.  They believe they are to be respected, not be disrespected; with that said, they value authenticity.  Becoming a sigma female means that you shouldn’t tolerate nasty things said about you or accept mediocrity.


traits and characteristics of a sigma female

If you want to know a Sigma female, you have to know they are successful, not just materially but also rich in health. Sigma and Alpha females are notable for their success stories; they are held with prestige and value by people. Being successful is what makes a Sigma female who they are.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

Sigma females are calm about what they do; they don’t like being rushed or pressured. When it comes to their actions, they are slow to speak and careful with their decision-making.

They are known to be observant of people; they also know people who try to run them down. This unique trait makes them different from their other hierarchy: the Alpha females.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma females set boundaries for people in order to retain their value. They don’t like when people don’t respect their boundaries; in fact they cut off from those who cross their limits and make fun of them.

They are very precise about the type of friends they keep. Sigma females like to be respected and valued, as they return the favor, too.

This also implies their relationships, which makes them communicate clearly and authentically with their partners.


traits and characteristics of a sigma female 1

A Sigma female not only do they listen, but they make careful decisions in their lives. Being a decision-maker makes a woman show her intelligence, leadership role, and confidence even in her relationships.

This also shows that a Sigma female or woman can handle any situation and be resourceful.

traits and characteristics of a sigma female

A Sigma female is known to face and accept any challenge thrown at her. She doesn’t let challenges set her back because she learns from them and builds back up.

Being able to face your challenges makes you courageous and resilient, and it also makes you a hero to people who follow your efforts.

Conclusion on Sigma Female Traits and Characteristics

In conclusion, Sigma females possess unique qualities that set them apart as assertive, self-reliant, and influential women.

They exhibit traits such as introversion, high intelligence, independence, and a desire for self-growth, which aligns them with Alpha females, but their mysterious and observant nature distinguishes them.

Their achievements are not limited to material success but also extend to their well-being and personal satisfaction.

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