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What are Alpha Female Weaknesses: 10 Dark Secrets To Know

by Abbey Light
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Alpha females are strong and competent feminine, who are high on the archetype of women. They are best known for exhibiting greatness, leadership, and dominant behavior. Alpha females are known to lead beta females, and the beta females are the followers of alpha females.

We all know that most women want to be Alphas so badly because of their amazing personalities.

But you should also know that even though the Alphas have great strengths, they also have great weaknesses that affect both them and the people around them.

“Alpha females” refer to strong, charismatic, independent, and competent women who exhibit dominant leadership qualities. They are women who don’t show fear or resilience toward what they want in life.

Alpha females exhibit risk-taking behavior and possess attractive qualities, making them highly attractive and respected by others.


Despite their strong and attractive qualities, alpha females are attracted to people with similar interests and traits.

Alpha females tend to be attracted to high-value men, who are perceived as having desirable qualities and traits.

High-value men exhibit Alpha and Sigma personalities, which are considered to be attractive by women.

Alpha females and Sigma females all have personalities and traits that attract people to them, but they have a few differences that set them apart from each other.

  • They are leaders.
  • They are independent.
  • They are dominant.
  • They are successful.
  • They are risk-takers.
  • They are decisive.
  • They are creative.
  • They are disciplined.
  • They are hard-working.
  • They are trustworthy.
  • Alpha females are extroverts.
  • Sigma females are introverts.
  • Alpha females are assertive.
  • Sigma females are calm.
  • Alpha females seek people’s attention.
  • Sigma females like to be alone.
  • Alpha females are not committed.
  • Sigma females are committed.
  • Alpha females are romantic.
  • Sigma females are not very romantic.


alpha female weakness

Alpha females are known for showing their strengths to people, which creates admiration and qualifications in people’s hearts. But you should know that even with their strengths, they have some dark sides – weaknesses that make them insecure about themselves. Here are the weaknesses of an Alpha female;

We know Alpha females as cooperative and successful women. But there is something for sure about them: They always seek the glorification from people.

Alpha females are attention seekers unlike Sigma females, who are built as introverts, like to be alone and don’t like people to know about them as well as they know about the Alpha females.

Alpha females struggle to get approval from people, and that’s why you notice most influencers who are alpha females are attention seekers and clout chasers. They are unrest if their followers are down or they don’t get the necessary attention they deserve.

Alpha females are hard-working and successful women, which is their strength, but despite these positive traits, they lack self-awareness.

They are totally different from Sigma females because they are cautious of themselves and the people around them.

Being self-aware involves being able to notice the little things around you, such as the positive and negative energy people bring to you.

The people around them usually manipulate 60% of Alpha females; that’s because they don’t pay attention to the little details, which are their peers.

Alphas work with teams all the time. They are cooperative individuals who are always on the side of people. They are usually the brains of the operation, but they do well with a group of people working with them, unlike the Sigma females, who strive alone without the help of people.

Working with teams can be a weakness for Alpha females because of conflicts, personality clashes, communication issues, and leadership disagreements.


Because of their assertive nature, Alpha females are always offensive around people. They are mostly regarded as rude, detached, and insensitive to people’s feelings.

Alpha females are leaders and bosses to people. They find it hard to calm with people, which definitely has a negative impact on their relationships.

An Alpha female is easily accessible that’s because she shows a strong social presence to people. Unlike Sigma females, who are scarce or unsociable with people, they maintain a low and secure profile.

Being accessible is an insecurity and weakness for an Alpha female because it makes their lives uncomfortable. She makes everything that goes on in her life accessible to people to maintain her status.

Alpha females are extroverted women with powerful status. They find it hard to be committed to people, which can affect their relationships. Being involved in the social community and making themselves known to people can have a negative impact on their lives, which could include their presence with families, unnecessary arguments, security, and lots more.

Sigma females are known to keep their lives private, creating a sense of mystery, unlike the Alpha females, who are the people’s champions.


Because of her competent and assertive nature, an Alpha female is usually misunderstood by people. They show a lot of authority to people, making them feel uncomfortable or scared of their presence, especially in relationships.

They might be kind but mistaken for unfriendliness, or their smooth leadership might be mistaken for assertiveness. So, these gestures affect Alpha females and can be a weakness to them.

Alpha females are usually comfortable reacting to people and giving them the best. They enjoy being noticed by people, which is totally different from the Sigma females who prefer being away from people.

This can be a weakness for Alpha females because it doesn’t show privacy in their lives and can result in “see-finish.” Sigma females remain mysterious and entertaining because they continue to bring intriguing and surprising personalities.


Alpha females tend to come across as harsh on people, which often makes them feel unwelcome and unappreciated. They may not realize that their actions can push people away if they are preoccupied with numerous opportunities or tasks, leading to people feeling undervalued. An Alpha female’s attitude could be a weakness to them, affecting the people who love and care about them.

Because of their high social status and commitment to the community, Alpha females are always sensitive to what people are saying about them, which affects their emotional health. They feel uneasy and, equally chase the people around them because of their maximum focus on other people’s opinions.

The greatest strength of a Sigma female is not caring about what people are saying about them, which is the greatest weakness of an Alpha.


what are alpha female weaknesses

In conclusion, while Alpha females exhibit numerous strengths, such as leadership, cooperation, and assertiveness, they also possess weaknesses that can undermine their confidence and relationships.

These weaknesses include seeking constant attention, lacking self-awareness, being overly reliant on teamwork, inadvertently offending others, being easily accessible, struggling with commitment, facing frequent misunderstandings, finding comfort in constant social presence, pushing people away with their attitude, and caring excessively about others’ opinions.

Recognizing and addressing these weaknesses can empower Alpha females to cultivate healthier relationships and enhance their personal growth.

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