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How to Get Your Relationship Spark Back: 11 Rekindling Ways

by Abbey Light
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In a relationship, your boyfriend or girlfriend might lose interest in you, and you want to get your spark back with them. There are cool ways to consider doing with your partner that will keep them engaged with you.

You might often come across your partner saying there is no excitement between us; this often happens in a long-term relationship.

This happens because your partner doesn’t see anything new or interesting about you, which may result in a ‘see finish.’

Another major reason your spark is gone from your husband or wife could be that you no longer respect their boundaries or give them the satisfaction they deserve.

There are several reasons relationships get broken in the first place; it all boils down to not being aware of your partner’s feelings and lack of commitment.


Yes! You can get your spark back as a couple.

Rekindling your relationship is all about learning the power of surprises. Surprises are great ways to make your relationship interesting and build a lot of mystery for your partner.

Rekindling your spark back with your partner has to work on both sides, which comes with understanding yourselves and being committed to protecting and serving each other.

When your partner begins to see you are not giving them the attention and respect they deserve, just to let you know, there are people out there who will show them the love they deserve, which can ruin the future of your relationship.


Another way to revive your relationship is by improving your sex game with them. Having sexual intimacy with your partner is a profound way to keep your relationship stronger and healthy.

You may not have known, but relationships are strongly built when your partner is physically and emotionally attached to you, and that involves your sexual life with them.

These are the ways to revive your relationship sexually;

  • Spending time with your partner.
  • Exploring new styles.
  • Hugs and Kisses
  • Allowing the atmosphere to build.
  • Becoming emotionally involved with your partner.
  • Understanding their sex needs.
  • Prioritizing sex with them.
  • Holding your partner’s hands.
how to rekindle your relationship

Are you losing your spark already in your relationship? Don’t worry; here is how you can get your spark back in your relationship and make your partner fall deeply in love with you, no secrets;

how to get your spark back in a relationship

Communication is a deep involvement in a relationship. Without communication, your relationship might be useless, meaning no bond, trust, love, or care for one another.

Talking and listening to what your partner says is a great way to create understanding and trust for one another. Share your plans and problems, and working together can help strengthen the bond in your relationship.

Communication is a way to revive the spark in your relationship. It would be best if you had communication to understand your partner and build trust with them.


Spontaneous is a great way to get your spark back in your relationship. Reflecting on the good memories you have had with your partner can bring back all the good times you have spent together: the journeys, the troubles, the conflicts, and many good times together.

Reflecting on the good memories can help your partner know what they are fighting for and what they are about to lose.

Being part of your partner’s hobby is a good way to get your spark back with them. It shows care, love, and zeal for them; it also means you are willing to spend time with them and fix their concerns.

Working together is the goal of every relationship; it helps create bonds and deep understanding for each other. In this case, you are working to please your partner, which involves doing the things your partner loves to do.

I used to get the spark back in my relationship by making my partner part of my plans for the future. Sharing your plans with your partner can help engage your partner in your relationship.

Sharing your future goals with your partner shows you care and love them so much that you are willing to spend the rest of your future with them.

There is nothing more relaxing to your partner than assuring them the best future and putting them first in everything you do.

Showing emotional support to your partner is a way to get your spark back. Every relationship needs some support, either physical or emotional.

Being there for your partner, especially in tough times, is a great way to create a special bond with them. It shows so much love and passion for them because you are there to support and guide them when they need someone.


Building good memories together is a way to hold your relationship firm and draw you back to the reasons why you started loving each other. Good memories can help protect your relationship from any future crisis that might slow down or spoil your relationship.

Having good memories can help you reflect on the fun times and adventurous moments you have spent together, which helps bring your spark back in a relationship.

Giving compliments to your partner can get your spark back with them. Some compliments can pierce through the hearts of your partner and can immediately take effect on them, which results in them seeing you as they used to before.

Showering your partner with compliments shows you care about them physically and can boost their self-esteem and self-worth.

It could be that you don’t give your partner the romantic gestures and compliments they deserve in a relationship, which can result in losing your spark. The efficient way to get your spark back with your partner is to improve your romantic gesture, which is your love language with them.

Increasing your romantic gestures with your partner involves kissing, hugging, and showing compliments in ways that seem romantic.


Every relationship involves you showing up for one another and being part of each other’s problems. Being available for your partner can help bring back your spark with them because it shows involvement in their lives.

Especially helping them with a challenge that seems to have a rough part in their lives can trigger their importance to you.


Going on a vacation can help get your spark back in a relationship. It helps change the bad atmosphere to a clear atmosphere. It helps you and your partner figure out things better by resolving conflicts and bringing good memories to one another.

Surprising your partner with gifts can help bring back the spark in your relationship. This is because it shows you care about their interest, put their needs first, appreciate them, and think about them often.

Surprises are a way of mystery in your relationship; they help build excitement in your relationship, which can bring your spark back.

Surprising your partner with gifts they deeply desire will keep them emotionally engaged and involved with you.


Another major reason your partner might be losing interest in you is that you might not be giving them the satisfaction they desire from you. Sometimes, giving them what they desire can help regain your spark in them and can build your connection back.

Improving your sexual touch with your partner can boost the tension between you both. There are different ways to improve your physical intimacy, but the most important thing is understanding their soft spots and working to improve.

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