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11 Traits of a High-Value Man, How to Become Like Them

by Abbey Light
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Traits of becoming a high value man and what I am about to say might sound displeasing to girls but this is all for men to develop their wants, status, lifestyle and approach when it comes down to women.

Do you ask why bad boys always get the hot girls? Not because they are rich or social status but the value that they keep and follow up to.

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A high value man is one who is respected, successful, charismatic and shows leadership. A high-value man is one who is focused on developing his physical and mental health.

Quickly, I see something often that many men like doing and that has reduced their value as a man and cannot be respected by women. If you are a man; needing, desperate and seeking the approval for a girl then you are going to lose yourself as a high value man and not be respected by girls.

I am going to show you men how to develop that factor of becoming a high-value respected man that will make any girl to chase you without losing yourself. Note that is ways are well proven and used by many men.

1. Have a Purpose

As a man, you are to show that you have a purpose to life and clear goal. Do you know why weak men are been played? It’s because they let the woman decide for them and that makes the woman more superior to them.

Players/bad boy actually take all the good stuffs because they have a goal and that goal is that they know what they want and it is clear enough that a woman can see it.

2. Work Harder

For you to change people, you need to change yourself. With that said, every man you need to work hard to become 100% masculine for a woman. To see yourself changed you need to go to the gym, do your daily activities to improve your business life and set targets.

This improves a man much faster than any means of becoming high-value which brings about confidence to a man. When a girl sees a man that has directives and works to improve himself, he becomes the valued.

3. Don’t Appreciate the Looks

I know you might be wondering why I said that. Get this straight with me, do you think you are the only one complimenting her every day; on the road, restaurant, text or phone calls? No bro a lot of men appreciates her even with much better lines than you.

Here is the secret, do not compliment her looks let her wonder why you aren’t always saying she is charming. The thing her is that you are changing her perspective as a high value appreciated woman to just a woman and this gives her reasons to stop and think about you better than those that appreciates her every day and that gives her much better reasons to take you out of the box of needy men.

4. Be Superior

You must feel superior to a woman. If you are a hard-working man and a leader, you will be more valued and appreciated by a woman than that of desperate men. To be superior you should put in the work and get yourself together and improve in yourself daily.

A woman takes a man who is needy and desperate as inferior while she is the superior that’s why most men are been taken for granted. Also, if she thinks of you as her equal or below her level you will be taken for granted. Every man should be superior by getting yourself together and taking control.

5. Put your Priority First

70% men in today’s world forget their lives and put a life of a woman first and that initially puts a woman in a pedestal where she has greater and higher value than you, where you can’t make decisions or bring out a point that will be accept by her, because your wants and desires have made her a high value woman.

This is common these days and still haven’t changed till date because men fail focus on who they are and what they are which gives advantage over for a woman to use a man as a leverage. As a man you should be dominating and respected in your choices and to do that you should put your priorities first then others.

6. Don’t Seek Validation

Girls love men that takes charge, as a high-value man you shouldn’t seek validation from anyone that means you are in charge of yourself and your decision stands firm.

But, if you let a woman take charge of your life you open doors to a weak and vulnerable man, which will be a disaster waiting to happen. You should be in check, a boss and a leader to yourself that shows you are high-value man to a woman and that for sure my friend will make a girl want you.

7. Don’t be Available

As a man, you shouldn’t be available I mean 100% available. Too much availability causes her to lose feelings and see finish. A man with high-value is to be respected and proud for who he is.

In that case you need to be busy with other things that will definitely improve in yourself which will make her wonder where you have been and that will make her want you and desperate to know your whereabouts.

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8. Build your Self-Esteem

You should be focused on building your self-esteem as a man and that will show along the way that you are a perfection to anyone that comes around you.

Girls are strong in what they say and confident to turn down a man, but a man with self-esteem can do the opposite and make her submit to him because he knows his worth and value.

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9. Show No Excitement

Women are sensitive to anything you say or do and that is why players don’t show everything about themselves which makes women worried to find out more. But in this case, you are not a player but a high-value man. You should let not see how excited you are to see her, talk to her or telling her you have been thinking about her in the last 1 hour.

This will make her feel you have nothing else to do with your life and make her ego rise to be more superior than you by taking advantage of you. The last thing that should happen is letting a woman take control of you, so show no excitement and be indifferent 70% of the time.

10. Reject her

Yes, reject her. By this I mean sometimes she will be asking all the time but you shouldn’t be accepting what she does or say all the time. Women needs a man that will take charge not a man that will be acting like a boy, a man that is willing to tell her what she does, say yes or no to her, someone that has the best interest to her well-being. Don’t be giving her all YES or NO but to be challenging with discreet and respect to one another.

11. Don’t show your comfortable

This I mean, as a highly respected man you are not to show you at ease (relaxed) all the time but to show that you are on the run, busy working yourself out, building the bricks of your life step by step.

This feeling will trigger a woman’s idea and attraction towards you as a high-value man and make her fully at your disposal (submission).

Final Thoughts

Enhancing these traits of becoming a high-value man will contribute to the development of your character, transforming you into a person of considerable worth. Continuously engaging on these traits will enhance you positively and impact your way of life.

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