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10 Ways to Handle Manipulative People and Their Characteristics

by Abbey Light
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A manipulative person is known to live in their own world and exploit others. They often pull tricks on their victims to get what they want.

A manipulative person could go as being your friend or partner in a relationship.

They usually get close to you to know your weaknesses and feed out your personal information to use against you.


A manipulative person, also known as a manipulator, uses deception, tricks, and weak against you to get what they want.

Manipulative people don’t care who gets hurt that comes in the way of their desires; they do whatever they want to people in ways to reach their own goals.

People manipulate others to gain control and power over them and their environment. Manipulators are usually selfish and inconsiderate about other people in their lives. They are moved by their ambition to please and satisfy their call.

So, to deal with a manipulative person, you must first understand yourself and how to deal with your weaknesses, strengths, body language, and emotions. By doing this, you can find the true power you possess.


Before you deal with a manipulator, you must understand their behaviors and how they have been used on people. You must also be self-aware and cautious when dealing with manipulative people.

Here are the manipulative behaviors you must know;

  • Gaslighting: This method is used to question other people’s reality, making them think they are delusional. Manipulators use this technique often to control their victims.
  • Love bombing: This is mainly used to show love and affection to people in ways that make them submit to you.
  • Guilt trip: A manipulator uses this technique to make you feel guilty about yourself. In other words, they play the victim in every situation.
  • Lying: This is a way to trick people to your advantage and get them to do what you want.
  • Silent treatment: A manipulator uses silent treatment on other people by playing dumb or not communicating with them to gain their trust and attention.
Dealing with manipulative person - characteristics

There are different ways you can handle a manipulative person and also put them in their place without losing your self-esteem and feeling emotionally drained. Here are the best ways to handle manipulative people;

Setting boundaries is what lets people know their place in your life and keeps them away from ruining what you have built yourself.

Manipulators take advantage of people who don’t know what they stand for and have self-respect. They are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want from people, and they usually play their cards well on people who don’t set boundaries.

Knowing your weaknesses puts you in a safe zone with people. With this I mean, When you identify your weaknesses, you can manage, control and deal with them, instead of letting manipulators do it for you.

Our weaknesses make us feel insecure and can cause us to get hurt. When you understand your weaknesses, you have full power and control over yourself.

The power of saying ‘no’ indicates that you are assertive. When you say no to people, it keeps them in their place and shows self-confidence in what you want.

A manipulative person’s main objective is to take control over others, and by doing so, they make decisions for them and make them go against their will.

The best way to deal with manipulative people is by saying ‘No’ and putting yourself first.


A manipulator deals with people with low self-confidence; they know that these types of people are easy to manipulate and exploit.

People with self-confidence believe more in themselves and know how to deal with a manipulative person. You cannot win someone who knows what he’s worth, owns up to responsibilities, and is optimistic about improvement because they are clearly undefeated.

Building a conversation link with a manipulative person puts you in danger; that’s because they are creative at what they do.

A manipulator uses the conversation technique to exploit information from you, like your weaknesses.

Once you realize people trying to cross your boundaries, in other words trying to get “personal details” from you, you should be cautious of them and avoid them.

Body language can open and close the doors for people. A manipulative person often knows when to strike from the body language you give to them.

When you notice a manipulative person, it is good to limit your body gestures and start acting up; this will put them in their place and give them a clear notice that you set personal boundaries.


Trusting your instincts is the best way to avoid a manipulative person from comes to you. Your instincts are always available to you in your life. You notice some signs like goosebumps and some negative energy wrapped around you in a given situation.

Your instincts can save you from a lot of trouble, especially with manipulators. In other words, trusting your instincts is the best way to deal with a manipulative person.

Doing a lot of exercises is the most underrated but also the most efficient way to deal with a manipulator. Exercises are good for handling manipulators because they build your physical and mental health so that you can face them when confronted.

Daily exercise can prepare you for any toxic energy that might come to you, helping you handle manipulators and identify them.


Meditation is a profound way to deal with manipulators because it provides you with energy full of positivity to handle negativity. When you put a lot of focus on meditation, you give room to identify your weaknesses and your strengths and mostly be self-aware of the people in your life.

Being in a state of solitude can help improve your physical and mental health. So, invest your time in meditation.

Most of the time, people fail to listen to themselves, which gives a manipulative person an advantage over you because of your inability to observe. People with healthy lifestyles are those with the ability to achieve self-awareness.

Dealing with a manipulative person requires maximum awareness because you are dealing with a professional. They are good at words and action, and to defeat a manipulator at their own game, you must be slow and observant when speaking.

How to deal with a manipulative person - Characteristics

In conclusion, dealing with a manipulative person requires a combination of assertiveness, self-awareness, and strategic actions. By setting firm boundaries, knowing your weaknesses, and learning to say no, you establish a strong foundation for maintaining control over your own life.

Building self-confidence and avoiding unnecessary interactions with manipulative individuals further fortifies your defenses. Additionally, paying attention to your body language and trusting your instincts can help you identify and deflect manipulation before it takes hold.

Engaging in regular exercise and meditation not only bolsters your physical and mental well-being but also enhances your resilience against manipulative tactics. Finally, adopting a mindful approach of being slow to react and observant empowers you to navigate manipulative situations with clarity and composure.

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