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12 Obvious Signs of a Manipulative Boyfriend – MUST AVOID

by Abbey Light
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As people continue to be in a relationship, they usually face specific challenges that could be good and also harmful.

Most times, manipulating comes in a relationship when your partner overpowers you, which might cause imbalance or unequal rights.

In a relationship, you must understand that everyone has equal and decisive action to one another. The moment your boyfriend or girlfriend begins to exploit or overpower you in a relationship that is manipulation in a relationship.


A manipulative boyfriend is a man who takes control and power over you without considering how you feel in a relationship. A manipulative boyfriend only cares about themselves and how to get what he wants from you.

A manipulative boyfriend passes along negative energy to the relationship.

Trusting your intuition when it comes to negative feelings about your boyfriend is essential. They have a way to hurt you emotionally and mentally.


The major reason why your boyfriend might be a manipulator is because they want total power and control over you to get what they want for themselves.

They use the manipulative technique to scatter you mentally and emotionally in ways to get what they want without considering your feelings.

PRO TIP: The best way to deal with a manipulative boyfriend is to trust your guts immediately because they don’t lie when they sense something wrong.

signs of a manipulative boyfriend

There are significant signs of a manipulative boyfriend you must know and avoid by all means. A manipulator is best at what he does, so you must avoid them.

They know how to get you emotionally to soften your heart in order to get what they want. Here are the manipulative techniques your boyfriend might be using on you;

signs of a manipulative boyfriend

Identifying a manipulative boyfriend is the first step in recognizing manipulative behavior. They often use the secrets you told them as a liability to get you emotionally drained and used.

Some of the secrets you trusted them with might be so personal to you that you see them as your all in all.

But the moment your boyfriend uses your secrets against you without any remorse in order to control you like a puppet, then that is a toxic boyfriend you must remove from your life.

If you find yourself lying to your family and friends to protect your boyfriend’s interest, then that is a toxic relationship that is manipulative.

In a relationship, you must feel safe and have no doubt about yourself and your partner. The moment you stop believing in yourself and find the need to protect your boyfriend’s insecurities, you should consider this sign a sign of manipulation towards your boyfriend.


A manipulative man/boyfriend is always good at what he does; he knows how to make you go against the people who love and care about you to please himself.

He doesn’t don’t care about anyone else but himself. What he does is that he will use you to get the information, resources, and energy he wants, then drop you feeling useless.

When negative energy impacts your interactions with your family, trust your instincts and recognize that you may be under manipulation.

To know if your boyfriend is manipulating you, watch out for signs that you are not allowed to express yourself or your thoughts or carry out your personal duties in the relationship because your boyfriend forbids it.

He doesn’t care about your feelings but only talks about his wants and feelings. Usually, He ignores your strengths and propositions that you bring to the table and gets you to accept everything they want.


Using kindness as leverage to get something from someone is quite an obvious sign of a manipulator in a relationship. Most times, when your boyfriend shows some act of kindness to you, he usually keeps it as a tool to get you on their side of the picture and one hundred percent under their control.

He doesn’t show overwhelming love or kindness to you just like that without having something terrible planted in their mind.

Observe every love and kindness passed by your partner because not all love and kindness are positive energy.

When you are in a relationship with your partner, you must feel better, protected, and confident in yourself. The moment you start feeling uncomfortable and negative energy with your partner, it could be a sign of toxicity that you should be aware of.

A manipulator is good at what he does, and you might not understand their technique, but your energy and intuition must tell you that you are manipulated and exploited by their means.

An excellent way to spot a manipulator is when he lies about himself or his background and also keeps secrets that make you doubt him. They are usually the first to know about you, but they don’t like being genuine about themselves or their stories.

Being with a partner who is not truthful to you about himself is a big red flag and a sign that he is a manipulator, liar, exploiter, and all sorts of negative energy.


Most times, when a manipulative boyfriend shows a lot of nice gestures to you, it can be questioning and doubtful sometimes because it shows they are up to something. You might notice this when your energy isn’t giving back what they portray to you.

Being nice is great, but there are some tricky ways people show their nice gestures to you that make it look manipulative.

The best trick of a manipulator is that they don’t do anything for someone like that without having leverage. They usually make promises for you to get something done for them.

A manipulator ensures they get what they want before fulfilling their will; sometimes, they might trick you into that promise to get what they want.


Being the victim in a crisis is what a manipulator does best. They usually play the role of being victimized and unacknowledged in a relationship.

They are using this trick to get into your emotions and make you feel you’re the bad person. Meanwhile, it is part of their technique to draw you into their trap and make you submit.

Watch out for this manipulating trick; It might be gaslighting or love bombing, which is all to get you to submit and be overpowered.

Your partner’s participation in a relationship matters a lot in a relationship. The moment when someone in a relationship has more power in decision-making and communication is manipulative.

They make you feel unwanted and lack self-confidence and love for yourself in a relationship, which is very unhealthy.

Being a liar is what makes a manipulator. They spread lies, make false promises, and fake profiles of themselves to get you to submit to them. Typically, manipulative people are skilled at what they do. They mess with your feelings and thoughts, aiming to take advantage of you with their phony behavior, leaving you feeling drained.

They are very good with words and know how to make you turn against the people who care about you. That is why you must be observant and careful of a manipulator.

Final thoughts on manipulative boyfriend

In summary, being in a relationship with a manipulative boyfriend can be harmful and draining. Watch out for signs like him using your weaknesses against you, making you doubt yourself, isolating you from loved ones, and making the relationship all about him.

His kindness might be a tool for control, and he may make promises to get what he wants. Beware of his tendency to play the victim and disregard your opinions.

Ultimately, a manipulative boyfriend is often dishonest and skilled at exploiting your emotions, leaving you feeling depleted.

Recognizing these signs and prioritizing your well-being by removing toxic individuals from your life is essential.

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Godstime Amutadi March 7, 2024 - 8:45 am

Manipulation seems to be the order of the day for youths especially

Abbey Light March 18, 2024 - 12:39 pm

most times the best ways to deal with manipulation is either you run from it or you understand it. but the best possible option is to “run” because you might be dealing with a pro who you might not stand a chance on.


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