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8 Ways to Become Beautiful and Attractive

by Abbey Light
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Most proved ways to look attractive and charmed by people and even your peers. You notice how you see and perceive someone who is good looking and attractive to people and you can’t figure out how he does it. What he does that you and other people find attractive in him. Check out this blog: How to become Mysterious.

Here in this blog, I will give you the proven ways to become a charismatic “attractive” man and super awesome to everyone even better than the one you find more attractive to people.


Well, you notice that when you see an attractive person you likely notice the skin tone, hair grooming, perfumes and proper body hygiene. Attractive man always takes good care of his body because that is his priority.

Also, to become attractive you need to take good care of your body as a hobby, what I mean by that is you should invest more into your body maintenance just like every attractive person you stare at.


Having to control your attitude around people is a very important key factor of becoming attractive to people around you. An attitude is most likely showed anytime and should be controlled with caution, take this for an example; some people don’t know when to laugh, smile and also control their impressions when something occasionally happens.

But an attractive man knows when and how not to give some much attitude, knows how to show his feelings, just like become a mysterious man and that is why he is admired by people.


Dressing attractive to the eyes is very good and an important key to become attractive. A well-dressed person walking into an event is well likely notice by people than those that are not dressed properly.

What I am trying to say is that you should focus and invest more on what you put on outside on a daily, because everyone sees you and if you are not appearing classically attractive to their eyes, they won’t bother looking your way.

Try to dress extraordinary to people’s eyes in the class, event or any given program, so people will recognize you more and find you attractive.

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An attractive person is well noticed in a room when he speaks to people. They are well trained and coached on how and when they should speak in public. Also, they train their voices in a manner that gets on people’s attention.

Attractive man knows how to speak “train their voice”, when to get on people’s mind and when to speak to people. To become a man of charisma you need to practice the act of speaking to people because this an advantage to get noticed.


A charismatic man knows how to walk in an appealing way that gets people to notice everything that is around them. Walking is a great way to present yourself to people because, when you are walking, you are interacting with your environment and that is people.

People notice your walking steps especially when you walk slowly in a masculine way. You give people time to notice the little details in you. Walking attractively is how to become noticed by people around you.

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An attractive man brings leadership. This is because when people find someone attractive, they try to follow up the person like a celebrity.

This is why an attractive man is very selective with the choices make and people they follow. An attractive man is a leader and doesn’t leave under the shadows of people. Check out this new blog: How to become a Sigma.


An attractive man is well perceived by how well and dedicated they are to their work. They are passionate by what is presented to them and they get the job done and that is why they are deeply admired and respected by people for their commitment.

To become charismatic, you need to be passionate in everything you do. people love to see and take examples from an ambitious man that gets the job done.


Packaging is another way to be deeply attracted to people around you. the way you present yourself is the way people will take you. if you present yourself as low-valued, people will take you as a lower-value individual.

Attractive men are well presented by people and deeply aroused by the way they life their life. To become attractive, you need to learn how to package yourself to people because, you want them to notice you right? Then you better present something to people and that should be high-value.


These are the proved ways to become a charismatic man and deeply admired by people. I guarantee you that if you follow each of the steps given above, you will not be feeling belittled but confident even to people.

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