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14 Keys to Instantly Attract Your Girlfriend

by Abbey Light
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Do you want to improve your attractiveness with your girlfriend? Do you think you are losing the hot sauce you had before? Well, this blog is for you. Losing attractiveness is very common these days because of physical appearance, a lack of emotional awareness, generational trends, and digitalization happening around, and it seems to become a competition to you.

Becoming instantly attractive to your girl again can be done in several ways, but before I begin, it is better to have an understanding of your partner to work with her; with that, you will be able to fix yourself even more with the help of these tips I will share.


Your partner must be deeply attracted to you to make the relationship work perfectly. Either your partner is physically, emotionally, or socially attracted to you for your relationship to work.

These are the three importance of becoming attractive in a relationship;

  • Physical attraction: this involves sexual intimacy
  • Emotional attraction: this involves trust and understanding.
  • Social attraction: this involves your status (reputation and influence).

In these three ( 3 ) importance of becoming attractive in your relationship, your partner is deeply in at least one. If you discover your partner isn’t into these attractive traits, you should improve yourselves.

In this blog, we will talk about becoming instantly attractive to your girlfriend.

There are different ways you can make your girlfriend instantly attracted to you and love you more than ever before, and here is how to do that;

15 keys to instantly become attractive to your girlfriend

Girls love compliments and self-satisfaction; when you give your partner love and care for who she is, she will instantly be attracted to you. Appreciating her will make her feel special and wanted in your life; you make her feel secure and loved. So, you have to give more compliments to your girlfriend to feel more attraction to you.

Nothing is more secure and understanding than telling your partner things that concern you and her. Your girlfriend might not be attracted to you because you are not giving her those open doors to be in your life; she might feel insecure and pressured to be in your life; that’s why she is also losing attraction towards you.

When you feed your partner with open conversations that might be deep into your relationship, they will instantly trust and love you again.


15 keys to instantly attract your girlfriend

Nothing is more attractive than a man who gives certainty to his partner about the future. Planning the future with your partner is another way to stay attracted to your partner. They will instantly fall in love with you and never want to lose you.

Please do not underestimate this outline because it works all the time. Women want to be with a man who shows purpose for his life.

Becoming mysterious in a relationship can improve your attractiveness and engage your partner.

You don’t want to be in a boring relationship without mystery where your partner can predict what you might be doing next; that is way too boring and can dim your love for one another.

Read this article: How to Become Mysterious and Attractive.

When you are unavailable for your girlfriend, it can make her feel more involved with you. You don’t have to do too much to make her feel left out, but doing it professionally and less often can help build your attractiveness in your girlfriend’s life. You don’t want to be easily accessible to your partner all the time because it will make you look jobless.

As men, women will always want a man who can care for them and take responsibility; it improves your attractiveness to your girlfriend. When you can take responsibility, it makes you look attractive in a relationship.

Men are born to take control and become strong and self-confident in themselves. You must show a woman you can take charge of everything around you and make them happy when they are with you.


15 keys to instantly attract your girlfriend

Showing your partner love and affection can improve your attractiveness in the relationship. A girl is very sensitive to everything that happens around them, and when you don’t show sexual intimacy to her, she will begin to spark thoughts that will reduce your attractiveness towards her.

You have to make your partner feel loved and sexually satisfied with you; that alone can improve your physical attractiveness to your partner in a relationship.


15 keys to instantly attract your girlfriend

There is no doubt that surprises are a way to build a long-term relationship, and that will improve your attractiveness to your partner.

Girls love surprises; when you surprise them with gifts, they will show interest and affection for you. It will help improve your relationship over time and create a mutual understanding.


There is nothing more than having that flirty behavior with your partner; it builds your attractiveness with your partner.

People think that once you are in a relationship, it is over; stop flirting and make your partner feel engaged with you. No! You don’t have to stop; as a matter of fact, you have to do it every time. It would be best if you made her feel your importance. Flirting with your partner will keep the love running all the time.

Showing your emotional support to your girlfriend improves your attractiveness to your partner. When you are there to help her through tough times and through that stage of her life, it can make you feel attractive and important to her.

Emotional support plays an important role in a relationship, it makes the relationship stronger and meaningful together.


Every relationship has a boundary that needs to be respected. Respecting your partner’s boundaries will make you look attractive to her and give her confidence and self-respect.

Boundaries can improve your communication in your relationship; they make you communicate openly and respect each other with love.

Smelling nice to your partner can improve your attractiveness positively. It triggers your partner’s brain through the nose in a positive direction towards you.

A nice fragrance can make your partner feel the love and affection for you. Smelling nice has a magical way of making you look attractive to anyone, and choosing the right fragrant is very important to make them understand your feelings.

Putting your partners’ needs before yours makes them understand how important they are to you, and it should build attraction towards you.

There is no doubt that women are always conscious about what happens in their lives, and when you can show that appreciative and caring partner you are and put their needs first, it sends attractive traits to them.

Undoubtedly, the most attractive set of males are the Sigma and Alpha males. They are considered very attractive to women and deeply admired for their dominance, confidence, purposeful, respectful, and assertive nature.

Becoming these archetypes of men can improve your attractiveness to your partner, increase contentment, and show oneness in your relationship.


In conclusion, improving your attractiveness to your girlfriend involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses your relationship’s emotional, physical, and social aspects. Understanding the significance of attractiveness in a relationship is the foundational step, acknowledging its three pillars: physical, emotional, and social attraction.

Respecting boundaries and prioritizing your partner’s needs are key components of attractiveness. Furthermore, the article explores the impact of personal grooming, maintaining a pleasant fragrance, and embodying the characteristics of an alpha or sigma male to elevate your appeal.

Ultimately, the guide advocates for a holistic approach to attractiveness, emphasizing that combining these strategies can work synergistically to enhance your desirability and strengthen your connection with your girlfriend.

By implementing these tips, you improve your relationship and create a long-lasting and genuine attraction between you and your partner.


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