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13 Red Flags in a Man to Look Out for in a Relationship

by Abbey Light
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Red flags in a man are the dangers that affect his partner in a relationship and should be recognized before it gets abusive. We all want a man who shows all the green flags but forgets to understand the red flags (negative side) of them.

Most times, when we are lost in love, we seem to ignore the negative side of things before it becomes too late and damaging to our lives.

That’s why it is also important that before you enter into a relationship and trust someone with your life, you should look for who matches your expectations as a woman.

These are warning signs that can impact negatively on our lives, and they are also known to be toxic and unhealthy behaviors in a man.

However, many of these signs are not noticed immediately until you try to know the person more; you see some warning signs you should not ignore and run from.

Red flags in a man can be shown as manipulative, disrespectful, challenging, and arrogant behavior. I will share with you the red flags commonly found in men that you should avoid.


red flags in a man

Whenever you notice a man is full of himself and doesn’t care about you, that is a big red flag. He brags about his interest and leaves you out of the picture, making you look like you are not title and not much of an importance to his life. When looking into a relationship, you should consider having a man who cares about you because a relationship is about caring for each other.

It is not harmful to have female friends, but if the man has a lot of female friends and some of them that the partner isn’t aware of, then that is a red flag for a man. Some women are full of jealousy when they realize that they spend most of their time interacting or doing something else with another woman.

We all want our partner all to ourselves; that is why you must share what you like and don’t like with your partner for a much better understanding of your relationship.

You don’t want a man who doesn’t show you appreciation, doesn’t recognize your presence, and doesn’t have the time in the day to call. Every woman needs some attention in their life and if you don’t give her that attention as a man, you might be breaking your relationship.

The primary goal in a relationship is to create communication and a sense of awareness to your partner by appreciating her looks every day, listening to what she says, and showing support and encouragement to her. Without all these, your relationship is clueless and can be in jeopardy.


When a man doesn’t respect you, your family, or your opinions, that is a red flag you should look out for. Man must understand and appreciate that you are in his presence whenever he is with his friends. Whenever you feel a man does not respect you, then you should probably cut off before he might emotionally or physically hurt you.

Grooming yourself is an excellent way to have a healthy relationship, and when a man doesn’t take care of the basic things like himself, he probably can’t take care of a woman.

Women are sensitive to a man’s appearance through body hygiene, scent, physical looks, and body build. As a man, you have to be attractive in your way, and starting from the basics is an excellent example of a healthy life.


If a man can’t spare a little bit of his day to be with you for a conversation or a date, he isn’t meant to be in your life. We live in an era where communication has been made very easy and reachable to anyone, and creating time from your busy day to spend time with someone counts a lot in a woman’s life.

Giving your time to a woman shows that she is valuable and entitled. Making her feel special is worth more than you can imagine.

Men who seek only to get what they want out of you and don’t care about how you feel should be cut off. This type of man can emotionally drain you by getting what they want from you in ways you can’t see it coming. You must avoid a man whose intention is to hurt you emotionally and who doesn’t feel any remorse for his actions.


This is a red flag in a man who doesn’t care about what you do, your opinion, your feelings, and your encouragement. A woman is looking for a man who can spend their time talking about how he can help them, how he can build a business with them, and how he appreciates their contribution.


It is essential to trace this red flag in a man when he has an anger issue because it can be a lot of pain to take in as a woman. If you are with a man who has a problem managing his feelings, then you should stay away from that kind of man for your safety because they can abuse you emotionally and physically.

A man without a purpose is a man without a future. A woman should be looking for a man who has a purpose in his life and is driven to achieve them, not a man who has no aim to achieve anything and all he does is stay home, watch Netflix, and eat.

A man with a goal and vision has the power to take care of a woman.


A man who doesn’t appreciate or respect people is bound to lack respect for anyone, and that is a red flag for a man you should avoid. When a man speaks negatively of people, he also can talk negatively about you to his cycle of friends. You should be with a man who appreciates everyone and feels concerned about the little things around him.

Note it is also possible that a man who speaks negatively of people can also say harsh and cruel words about you when you are no longer together.

It is likely that when a man doesn’t keep his word, he is known to be a lair, which is a red flag. A man should value and honor his words as he speaks; if he says this is who he is, that is what he should be. A woman will respect and value a man who honors what he says, not a man who makes false promises and identity.


When a man talks a lot about his ex on a date, he might miss her much more than you can imagine. The biggest red flag in a man is when you are getting to know him, and he constantly uses his ex as a comparison to anything. He might indirectly tell you she is unique and has been a great woman in his life. As a woman, you should immediately spot this red flag and discontinue with him because there is not use in you wasting your time with a man who is fully engaged with his ex.

A woman should pay attention to these warning signs listed as red flags in a man and avoid them because they can bring destruction and unhealthy relationships. Find a man who truly listens, enjoys your company, and appreciates the good things in you. Then enjoy the rest of your life together in good memories.

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