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19 Step-by-Step Guide to Being a Highly Attractive Woman

by Abbey Light
18 minutes read

Women are special and different beings in human nature. Women are indeed beautiful and desirable, but be warned, they can also be tempting; for one to find a woman with a good heart, a man has to find what he seeks with an open mind.

Being a beautiful woman is one thing, but becoming an attractive woman is different, and we will discuss how to become an attractive woman in different dimensions.

In my perspective, there are two kinds of attraction

  • Physical attraction: This kind of attraction places more emphasis on your physical beauty.
  • Inner attraction: This kind of attraction entails more about the heart.

For you to be an attractive woman, it mostly comes down to your physical appearance. An attractive woman is one who someone admires, a mentor; she is not just that; she is kind-hearted, physically fit (good-looking), focused, brave, courageous, and independent.

To become attractive, you must be true to yourself and live a good life. One of the best ways of being attractive is to build your self-confidence.


This involves developing your interest in passion and showing respect towards others, which involves contributing to your attractiveness. These virtues help you to become inspiring and influential.

how to become an attractive woman

Having confidence helps you to know and trust yourself. Self-confidence tends to attract a woman’s inner strength, and this involves setting and achieving one’s personal goal.

It is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of who you are. But also, being overconfident is not so good because there is a limit to everything, and being confident is fine, but with humility.


A woman needs to have a positive mindset. Cultivating a positive attitude involves practicing gratitude, focusing on the good in situations, reframing negative thoughts, and maintaining an outlook on life. This enhances personal attractiveness and contributes to overall well-being and success in a woman. 


A woman needs to be true to yourself, not by living a fake life. In these modern days, most women live a fake life to feel among, but I will tell you this: if a man loves you, he will love and cherish you for who you are despite all odds.

So do not try to impress or borrow to please someone who does not care about you, or do not put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to please others.

beautiful attractive woman

As a woman, you must learn to care for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. That is your mental state, regular exercise (making your body fit), getting enough rest, and less stress (not showing much weakness).

In grooming, a woman should bathe well (regularly), use deodorant or body spray, and dress sharp (well) to capture the attention of men.

In all, what I am just trying to say is that you should take care of yourself. Love what you put on.

Every day, go to the mirror, admire your beauty, and say I am unique and beautiful, which makes a woman feel confident and prepared for what the world has to offer.


A woman needs to trust and depend on herself. Independent means being able to stand on your own, so as a woman, you must learn how to stand on your own, which also makes you stand out.

Sometimes, you may need help; that’s okay, but you don’t have to always depend on that person. A woman who can fend for herself is one whom a person looks up to and admires.

A woman needs to learn how to speak and interact with people anywhere she finds herself. Good communication skills enable one to express oneself clearly, and they also help in bonding and connection between people and in a relationship.

A woman should know how to communicate and connect in meaningful conversation with people, which makes her more admirable and desirable.

An attractive woman should respect and be kind to people irrespective of who they are, their age, size, etc.; she should be good and put herself in other people’s shoes to know people properly because you don’t know what the future holds for tomorrow.

At the same time, do not be too kind because that kindness can be mistaken for weakness, and you will be taken for granted.

A woman should be good and kind to people; why? Men admire women who are respectful, polite, and strong.


A woman should learn to want more but not be greedy. A woman who drives and strives for success and a win should focus firstly on improving herself. After that, she should thirst for knowledge that helps to motivate her to achieve her goals in life.

Men always love women who have the same goal (that is, to be successful) or are going in the same direction.

A man once said a man without a future is a man without a vision and will always return to his past.

A woman who wants to become attractive should always bounce back and not leave her on the ground. She should be resilient and keep fighting despite what life throws at her. She never gives up because she struggles and fights now for her future and survival.

A woman who wants to be more and more attractive should never say it is over because one has not lived if he hasn’t failed; she should fight till she can’t fight anymore because she knows that one day she will rise to the top.

Always remember this: no matter what you are going through, no matter what life throws at you, it is just a process because there is always a way out, and when God lifts you, it will be beyond men’s expectations.


Every woman is beautiful, whether you like it or not; a man is always interested in a woman. Women put on makeup to add more beauty to their faces, not because they are not beautiful but to add something brighter to their beauty.

Why? Because it makes a woman feel more admirable and confident in their facial beauty. But in all of this, it is important to note that true beauty comes from within.

beautiful attractive woman

As a woman, you should know what to wear and put on. It would be best if you also learned how to match clothes together.

When I say dress properly, I mean a man Is interested in a woman who knows how to capture another attention, most especially his fellow man; not only that, dressing well makes you look sharp, and there is a saying you dress according to where you are heading and how you want to be addressed.

Your attire makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personality and natural beauty.


Your hairstyle compliments your appearance. Most of the time, women want to make use of the hairstyle that is trending. Also, remember that if you buy trending things, more will come.

I know it is to show that you once had it, but why don’t you do with what you have? If you have natural hair, you can appreciate that by making different styles and taking good care of it.

Your hairstyle adds to your appearance and beauty, which makes you unique; to make yourself attractive, you must ensure your hair is well-kept.


Actively, in today’s world, women are more gorgeous when it comes to investing in their body spray. You should choose what perfumes you get for yourself, whether it’s fragrant that portrays love, nature, or passion. Whatever it is, you should invest in perfumes that suit your mood.

It is no longer an argument that women are more charismatic when they are proud of their bodies and when they show it off by putting on a catchy red dress or pants that give them flexibility.

There are many sexy dresses out there in the stores that will suit your style and make you more comfortable when you approach people.

After investing in a beautiful dress that makes you stand out, you should consider putting on a nice heel that stuns your outfit as an attractive woman.

Choosing heels for your outfit will make you more attractive as a woman and also build confidence when people see you.

Handbags are more beautiful on you when you style them with your gorgeous outfit. There are different bags to choose from that express your personality, like the color, material, and design that fits your outfit.

Handbags can make you attractive as a woman in different ways, and they help people appreciate you more in your fashion style.

Eating healthy food can make you attractive because it boosts and enhances your physical and mental health. There are different benefits when it comes to eating healthy food;

  • Eating healthy food can give you energy.
  • Eating healthy food can improve your skin tone.
  • Eating healthy food can shape you up.
  • Eating healthy food can speed up your thinking.

In other words, you should always eat healthy food to enhance your attractive looks as a woman; then, you should have no other complaints or issues regarding your well-being.

Quality sleep can help improve your attractiveness as a woman because it improves your skin tone, reduces wrinkles, brightens your eyes, and, most importantly, boosts your confidence around people.

You should sleep well to improve your physical and mental health and boost your attractiveness.

This is not just about playing hard to get but about knowing who you are, knowing that you are not easy to fool, and knowing your value and worth. This is not about you playing hard to get, but a man who sees such a woman knows that the lady has respect and dignity in her.

A woman who easily accepts anything, especially men, is a bit loose. So, this is my advice: You should learn to raise your standards and build value, not accept what men say because it is your life to live, but it is about finding the perfect match that can interact with your lungs and intellectual capability.

Attraction comes from your physical appearance, inner being, and mind. Embrace yourself, be happy, focus on yourself and your vision.

Do what you usually do every day, constantly and repeatedly, and then you will realize what makes you attractive lies within you.

The true beauty of life is giving and living a good and respectable life, but always note the beauty of attractiveness is diverse, and being true to yourself often holds the key to genuine attention.

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