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7 Signs to Tell if a Girl Doesn’t Like You and What to Do

by Abbey Light
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You are going to know if a doesn’t like you, doesn’t feel interested in you and doesn’t feel the spark in you.

This is a big deal and I tell you that if you experience these signs, I am about to share with you it’s a red flag that you need to know how to fix or abstain from.

Have you ever seen a girl of your dreams either on a dating app or restaurant, bar or a café and had that conversation with her and realized that she isn’t giving you that 100% energy as you wanted.

Ladies and gentlemen these are the common signs that will tell that a girl isn’t interested in you. Quick note this applies to everyone both men and women.

1. Talks About Your Friends A lot more

You are in a conversation with the girl of your dreams and suddenly you bring up your friends in the conversation maybe by showing her pics/videos and she likes what she sees or she ask about your friend (s) well-being, lifestyle or deep sexual conversation with you about them.

Just know bro that is no good news for you, you will finally be a part for her to link up with the person she likes and you are being FRIEND-ZONED.

What to do

Keep away from that conversation and channel the talk to yourself. Bring up something exciting about you, where you will love to spend your vacation and how you will love her to come with you, talk about future plans that will make her see that unique masculine person you are and you are not boring waste dude who is hungry for love and attention.

2. She is Always on Her Phone

You are having a beautiful conversation and suddenly she is on her phone or apparently you met her on the walk way or restaurant and she doesn’t stop to listen to you, Bro that is a big red flag.

Anybody that finds you interesting will spend 5mins or more to have a nice chat with you and this common these days and has wrapped around a lot of guys that tries this.

What to do

Firstly, you could kindly ask her to take away the phone for a moment and see her reaction, if she’s positive you’re good to shoot but if he has the negative reaction and she ask you (why?) bro no need wasting your time.

You don’t want to be disrespected and lose your value as a man like that all you have to do is walk away because you tried it nicely and didn’t work.

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3. She is Always on the Clock

This type of situations happens during the conversation you have with her. This tells that she is not finding you interesting and wants this whole moment to end as soon as possible.

What to do

They are a lot of things to do about this situation. But firstly, I will love that you change your type of conversation with her, the topic you chose to go ahead and play with her isn’t interesting and she tells you with a sign by checking her time on her watch or devices. Then switch the conversation that will interest her so it will be an interactive conversation.

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4. Spend Less Resources on You

This is very important in dating and if you see these signs know that you are invalid. If are not been taken care of (financially or emotionally) know that there is an interest lost with you and her.

What to do

This is the first rule of a book and that is to openly tell her the changes you have noticed lately with her. anybody might tell you anything on how to fix this issue, but as for me this has worked out very well and I have recommended this to everyone that has asked me to “openly explain what you are feeling” and then reasons will be given and its now your job to fix it.

5. Less Conversation with You

This is one of the biggest and most noticeable signs a guy should see when having a conversation with a girl. When are asking questions or maybe doing a casual conversation with her and she isn’t giving the vibes as excepted or she isn’t paying attention to your words or forgetting what you said or also not giving you the responses that you except. You should check that she isn’t interested.

What to do

Most importantly, change the boring topic. You should do the vibe check ask her what she likes and talk about that, make sure that you stick specifically to only what she likes and what interests her.

6. Less Body-Language

When communicating with a girl and you sight that she doesn’t give you this common body signs in a relationship you know should know that you are on the wrong part and she isn’t showing interest in you.

I. Doesn’t Let You Touch Her

She doesn’t let you touch her hands, touch her face, give her a hug.

II. Talks Less

You notice that the conversation you are having with her is not communicative at all. For an example you ask her a question she doesn’t return it or she talks with a negation short term.

III. Doesn’t Smile

You started to make a worthy type of conversation, I mean you’re flirting/talking so well but she isn’t vibing to the energy you are giving or smiling back at you when you smile.

IV. Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

You are talking to her and she doesn’t look at you, always on her phone or something else aside you when you talking to her just like as if you are not present.

7. Doesn’t Put In Effort

You’re doing everything in your power to make sure that you make her happy and the top #1 on your list but she seems not to put that strength or pressure to do whatever it takes to make you feel good about the relationship or moments you both are sharing.

What to do

If she doesn’t put in efforts in your relationship or conversations you should do the same don’t put in efforts anymore and see her reaction towards you.

She will come to a conclusion that what is he up and if she wants you, she will ask you why the sudden change and work it out but if she doesn’t care means you were long gone from her and has been keeping you as FRIEND with no strings attached.

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