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12 Tips on How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

by Abbey Light
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Having a long-distance relationship as a couple can be challenging and can also work too. If you’re in a long-distance relationship either you or your partner traveled for school or work purposes; it is almost certain that your relationship can still work as you maintain a strong connection with each other.

You and your partner must maintain such high communication at all times because that is the key to having a sustainable and healthy relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, you can also make your connection strong and healthy with your partner by;

  • Communicating at all times, not just by text alone or simple phone call but via; video call also.
  • Sending your partner surprise gifts can make your partner feel more connected with you whenever she sees your special gift.
  • Maintaining sexual intimacy is another key to a sustainable long-distance relationship because it helps the sexual wants to be satisfied.


Yes, it works!

If you are about to enter a long-distance relationship or you are in a long-distance relationship all because you just got your dream job or you started schooling in a different part of the country. The most important part of being in a long-distance relationship is to build effective communication with each other.

In this blog we are going to highlight the most effective way to survive in a long-distance relationship and keep the love energetic;

how to make long distance relationship work

Communication holds the key to every successful and healthy relationship you see today.

Now communication these days from 2010 – 2023 has made it very easy for us to reach out to our loved ones. Currently, we have the means of video calls, emails, texting, and all available social media platforms to connect with our loved ones.

As a couple trying to maintain communication regularly has a good impact on the relationship, for example;

  • Sharing your feelings to keep the relationship active.
  • Resolving any conflict that might have arisen in your partner’s life.
  • Creating activities to do together.
  • Sharing the moments, you have spent in the day.

All these ways of communication can have a very good impact on surviving in a long-distance relationship.

Another good way of keeping a healthy and long-lasting relationship is sharing your future plans with your partner. This way can build a sustainable way of living with your partner; it also brings clarity about oneself and gives a mental picture of a great and loving future with your partner.

Talking about your future together can also strengthen your emotional bond and make you feel more connected than ever.

It also can reduce anxiety and help create a vision and purpose for where your relationship is heading.

Sending your partner gifts as a couple can come a long way in your long-distance relationship. it creates an environment and feeling of one’s presence. It also shows that you care about your partner and they are very special and worth living for.

Getting an amazing gift for your partner will boost your relationship from a dying fruit to a living and healthy fruit. Show your partner how special and appreciated they are and see how your relationship can work for you.

Sometimes being curious about your partner’s day and well-being can make your partner feel special and can make your long-distance relationship healthy.

  • Talking about your partner’s day can be effective in a long-distance relationship because it makes you feel interested and supportive about your life
  • It also can make you get a stronger understanding of each other and build trust.


This is a very valuable point to look into because not only does it change the shape of the long-distance relationship but also gives a longer lifespan in getting to understand and trust each other in the relationship.

Most times when spending minutes and hours with your partner over a long-distance; it can be of good help and relief to your relationship, it also can save you from trust issues with your partner and bring about a more honest relationship.

Ways you can spend time with your partner can be via; text, voice calls, video calls, recreational games together, and a lot of fun stuff that can bring excitement together.

The sense of trust in a long-distance relationship can be difficult sometimes, and you should find a partner that you have no doubt in and can fully beat your chest for.

Most issues of long-distance relationships come from a lack of trust in one another. When you can trust and believe your partner you can do anything.

If you feel doubt about your partner you will have to sit and discuss it to get a clearer picture, and if you still feel doubt about them, then I think you need to call it off as bad as it sounds to save yourself from being emotionally drained and frustrated.

Maintaining sexual intimacy can build your confidence and commitment in your long-distance relationship. it can also protect you from loneliness and increase your mood and desires towards each other.

 Getting sexually intimate with your partner can bring a lot of connection, closure, and trust for each other; it also makes you satisfied with one’s self and brings about more love.

How can you maintain sexual intimacy from long-distance

  • Sex call with your partner
  • Video sex call with your partner
  • Sending gifts that will make your partner feel connected to you
  • Using your imagination
  • Text something erotic and hot

There are a lot of ways to stay intimate with your partner, it is all about understanding each other better.

Having to do some activities together can be a great way to stay healthy in a long-distance relationship; because it subconsciously puts a name to the relationship and creates a loving experience together.

Doing some activities together can also strengthen the bond and create long-lasting memories together in the relationship. it is also a creative way of not feeling lonely and unworthy in the relationship.

how to make long distance relationship work

Putting each other as an importance to your life can be a great way of living in a long-distance relationship. it shows the sense of value and great validation of one’s life. Prioritising each other can create a high-level sense of trust and help to stay close and connect to your partner at all times.

Sharing positive feelings and feedback can increase your mood and excitement towards one another. It also helps enlighten the dark side of your life and create happiness in the relationship.

Giving your partner a positive feeling can make you feel welcome and create an atmosphere of love in your long-distance relationship. always share positive feelings and avoid negative feelings and quarrels in the relationship.


Arguing in a long-distance relationship can create unnecessary stress and conflict in the relationship. This way can destroy your long-distance relationship in a snap. Being able to control and understand each other can be a good help to sustain a healthy long-distance relationship.

Stop arguing and fighting with your partner when you’re in a long-distance relationship can cause a lot of harm; because your partner can easily channel their energy to other things that matter in their lives, which can lead to a lack of trust and communication issues with you in the relationship.

Most of the time long-distance relationship fails because they take too long to physically meet their partner and create validation for your future together.

Some people don’t like to wait so long because they get bored easily and don’t know what next to do. It is left for you to do your part and focus on the needs of your partner.

Show them how valuable they are to you, give them a reason to wait, and reassure your partner that you will give them the best life when you are back. All these will save you from a lot of relationship breakups.

Final thoughts on a long-distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship involves commitment to one another and showing a sense of connection. It can also be challenging to be with a partner who is halfway across the planet and not miss them.

It is all about creating effective communication with each other, respecting one another, and putting effort into making it work between yourselves.


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