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Unlock Happiness: 14 Things You Must Remove from Your Life for Success

by Abbey Light
13 minutes read

In this life, there are many toxic things that are harmful and dangerous that we don’t know about; some of those things we do and don’t know the dangers in them.

As life goes on, we get to choose the right things to add to our lives and the things to remove.

To achieve unlimited success, you must remove many decluttering things that may affect your life ASAP.

Particularly, people have some New Year resolutions that they might want to add or remove every year.


In this article, we will dive deep into things you should immediately remove from your life.

14 decluttering things you must remove from your life

Toxic people are things to remove from your life because they are those people who add negatively and upset to your life.

They have no good intentions toward you, and the best plan for a great and prosperous future is to cut off all toxic people in your life.

We all have good and bad times, and it is important that we channel our energy to what profits us.

Letting go of the past is a good way to grow into a better life; you take away those negative emotions that have been a burden to you.

Letting go of the past can be many things like guilt, shame, sad times, regrets, and a lot more of this came from.

It takes discipline and strength to let go of the past. You also become stronger when you let the stuff from the past go.


Waiting for the perfect time is a mistake a lot of people make, and I have done it also and was decluttering.

I hate to break it to you, but there is no perfect time to do or become something. People have dreams to fulfill, but because they are waiting for the time that feels convenient for them, they will want to work on themselves.

Reducing the noise in your environment is a thing to work on in your life. It would help if you had your mind to be at peace in order to think well and perform other tasks ahead of you.

Reducing noise can help you relax physically and mentally. It greatly affects you and can give you a lot of clarity in your life.

Avoiding distractions in your life makes it easier and more efficient for you to achieve your goals, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Also, avoiding distractions can help improve your creativity, productivity, and happiness in your life. That is why it is important to remove distractions from your life.

Feeling sorry for yourself is one of the major things to remove from your life. Having self-pity isn’t bad, but it has a negative effect on you; it creates a soft spot in your life that makes you feel weak and vulnerable.

Feeling sorry for yourself is also a means of wasting your time and energy in the past instead of dwelling on the future to improve your life.

Stop blaming yourself for your mistakes and try improving your current situation.

Comparison is one of the things you must remove from your life. Comparing yourself to others can lead to dissatisfaction, jealousy, and insecurity in your life, which you must immediately avoid at all costs.

When you compare yourself with people, you will feel weak and lose yourself in the process, forgetting your worth and strength.

It is better to avoid comparison with people and begin to focus more on yourself for a better life.

Pressure is an emotional toxin you must avoid in your life. Pressure is a form of stress and anxiety that affects you in your line of business, family, or even common problems you face in life.

Too much pressure in your life isn’t a motivation to start on but a sign of fatigue, anxiety, and depression, and it can also increase your blood pressure.

Pressure is not good in life but can be managed and maintained. Seeking support from a professional or friends and maintaining a positive attitude can help reduce pressure.


Fear is a must to remove in your life, for it doesn’t cause anything good but pain, delay, and weakness. Fear has brought many people down in their lives, and they cannot accomplish their goals because of fear.

You must not show any form of weakness to anything but be zealous and ambitious in life in order to grow and be the best in your life.

Social media can have positive and negative effects on your life. But in this era of social communication, people tend to focus all their lives on the internet and lose control of the important things in life.

What are the negative effects of social media on life?

  • Social media can distract you from your goals.
  • Social media is time-consuming with the endless stroll of reels and TikTok videos.
  • Social media brings about false news.
  • Social media can subconsciously make you lose yourself.
  • Social media can bring about insecurities and comparisons in your life.

Hating someone is one of the things to remove from your life. Hate is an emotional attachment that can make you feel angry and bitter towards someone. Having hatred for someone can affect both your physical and mental well-being.

You must choose to let go of the past, forgive people, and move on with your life instead of living with grudges.

When you let go of hatred

  • You will be able to produce quality results.
  • You will be able to save time and energy. 
  • You will be able to fix your mental health.
  • You will be feeling self-motivated.

Building yourself and getting creative in your life should be your number #1 priority. If you give all your energy to people, especially when they don’t deserve it, you feel unappreciated and frustrated.

However, giving your time and energy to people has benefits: you feel overwhelmed and self-satisfied. Learn to say no most often because it helps improve your well-being.

While helping others is beneficial, it is crucial to prioritize personal well-being.

Avoiding gossip is something to remove from your life because it reduces your credibility and reputation. Gossip has a negative impact on your life and must be a thing to avoid if you want to succeed.

Gossiping can hurt people’s feelings and create hatred for one another. Gossiping can immediately spoil your image because you are not trustworthy and competent to people.


It is important to understand that life is a gift given to you, and you must learn to use it at any time. People make bad decisions in life, all in the name of peer pressure and bad influence.

Everyone has their time and season, and you should be able to enjoy every moment of life and the journey in it.

Don’t take life too seriously because you want to make it quickly, or things aren’t working in your favor yet, or people get on your nerves a lot. It all takes time to heal and intervene; you must be able to accept life, make every positive moment out of life, and see the quality results you will produce in the long run.

Embrace life as a gift and enjoy every moment. Accept that everyone has their time and season, and patience is key to achieving quality results in the long run.

The article highlights several aspects of life that individuals should consider removing to achieve unlimited success and improve overall well-being. It emphasizes the importance of choosing what to add and remove from one’s life.

To succeed, you should learn to say no to a toxic life. Follow these things to remove them from your life and see the quality results you will produce throughout the years.

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